Libros Ingenieria parte 1

00001-(ebook) Engineering - Fundamentals of Thermodynamics [Sonntag-Borgnakke-Van Wylen] Solution Manual

00002-(POLY LACTIC ACID) Synthesis, Structures, Properties, Processing, and Applications

00003-Dreams of a final theory (Steven Weinberg)

00004-Physics for Scientists and Engineers (Douglas C. Giancoli)

00005-Physics for engineers and scientists Volume 1 (Hans C. Ohanian, John T. Markert)

00006-1998 Vol 2 Organic and inorganic

00007-1999 Vol 3 Organic molecular

00008-1999 Vol 4 Multimetallic and macromolecular inorganic

00009-2,500 Solved Problems In Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics

00010-2004 - Data Structures And Algorithms With Object-Oriented Design Patterns In Python

00011-2009 International Energy Conservation Code[ICC,IECC]

00012-360 Problems for Mathematical Contests [Andreescu]

00013-3dsmax 5 for Dummies (2003)

00014-[Bent_Sorensen]Renewable Energy Conversion,Transmission and Storage

00015-[Instructors Solutions Manual] Introduction to Eletrodynamics - 3rd ed. David J. Griffiths

00016-[Solution Manual] CD Physics - Halliday, Resnick and Walkers - Fundamentals of Physics 1, 2, 3 and 4 (4th ed.)(over 2000pages)

00017-[Solutions Manual] Anton Bivens Davis CALCULUS early transcendentals 7th edition

00018-[Solutions Manual] Applied Statistics and Probability for Engineers 3rd Ed. Douglas C Montgomery, George C. Runger

00019-[Solutions manual] Calculus George Thomas 10th ed Vol 1

00020-[Solutions manual] Calculus George Thomas 10th ed Vol 2

00021-[Solutions Manual] Engineering Electromagnetics - 6th Edition - William H. Hayt, John A. Buck

00022-[Solutions Manual] Engineering Mechanic STATICS 10th Ed. R.C. Hibbeler

00023-[Solutions Manual] Engineering Mechanics DYNAMICS - Volume 2 Fifth Edition, (2002) - J. L. Meriam and L. G. Kraige

00024-[Solutions Manual] Engineering Mechanics DYNAMICS 3rd ed. Hibbeler.R.C

00025-[Solutions Manual] Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics, M. J. Moran and H. N. Shapiro, 5th edition

00026-[Solutions Manual] Fundamentals of Machine Component Design 3rd Edition by Robert C. Juvinall and Kurt M. Marshek

00027-[Solutions Manual] Fundamentals of Thermodynamics 6th Ed Sonntag-Borgnakke-Van Wylen

00028-[Solutions Manual] Hibbeler 4ed - Resistência dos Materiais

00029-[Solutions Manual] Mechanical Engineering Design 7th Ed. Shigley

00030-[Solutions Manual] Mechanics of Materials, 6th Ed. by R. C. Hibbeler

00031-[Solutions Manual] Thermodynamics - An Engineering Approach, 5Th Cengal Boles

00032-[Solutions Manual] University Physics - Sears and Zemansky's 11th Ed

00033-A Brief Introduction To Fluid Mechanics

00034-A Concise Introduction to Additives for Thermoplastic Polymers

00035-A Course in Arithmetic (graduate level) - J. Serre

00036-A course in computational algebraic number theory - Cohen

00037-A Course in Homological Algebra - P. Hilton, U. Stammbach

00038-A Course in Modern Mathematical Physics - Groups, Hilbert Spaces and Diff. Geom. - P. Szekeres (1)

00039-A Course In Number Theory And Cryptography 2d ed - Neal Koblitz

00040-A Course In Probability Theory - Chung K L

00041-A Course of Higher Mathematics vol 1 - V. Smirnov

00042-A Course of Higher Mathematics vol 2 - V. Smirnov

00043-A Course of Modern Analysis 4th ed. - E. Whittaker, G. Watson

00044-A First Course in Abstract Algebra-JB Fraleigh, 7ed(2003)

00045-A first course in general relativity (CUP, 1985)(ISBN 0521277035)(KA)(T)(390s) - Schutz B.F.

00046-A first Course in Logic An Introduction To Model Theory Proof Theory Computability And Complexity - Shawn Hedm

00047-A First Course in Noncommutative Rings - T. Lam

00048-A First Course in Partial Differential Equations - H.F. Weinberger - Dover Publications

00049-A First Course in Partial Differential Equations with complex variables and transform methods - H. Weinberger

00050-a first course in probability ross 6th

00051-A First Course On Wavelets - E. Hernandez, G. Weiss

00052-A Fortran Numerical Library (book of Chapra and Canale)

00053-A Guide to Safe Material and Chemical Handling

00054-A History of Thermodynamics The Doctrine of Energy and Entropy

00055-A mathematical approach to the common types of wave motion 2.Ed - C. A. Coulson (1)

00056-A Mathematical Introduction To Fluid Mechanics - Chorin A , Marsden J

00057-A Modern Course in Statistical Physics - Reichl (1)

00058-A Panoramic View of Riemannian Geometry - M. Berger

00059-A Practical Guide to Compressor Technology (Second Edition)

00060-A Primer of Algebraic D-modules - S. Coutinho

00061-A Real Time Approach to Process Control

00062-A Treatise on Differential Equations 2nd ed. - A. Forsyth

00063-A Treatise On The Differential Calculus with numerous examples - Todd Hunter

00064-A Working Guide to Process Equipment

00065-A+ Certification for Dummies, 3rd (Ron Gilster, 2004, 0764541870)

00066-A-list CD Cracking Uncovered - Protection Against Unsanctioned CD Copying

00067-A-LIST, Hacker Disassembling Uncovered 2003

00068-A. D. Aleksandrov - Mathematics_ Its Content Methods And Meaning_II

00069-A. D. Aleksandrov - Mathematics_ Its Content Methods And Meaning_IIII

00070-A. D. Aleksandrov - Mathematics_Its Content Methods And Meaning_I

00071-A. Iske J. Levesley (ed.). Algorithms for Approximation (Springer 2007)(387s)





00076-Aaronson J. An Introduction to Infinite Ergodic Theory (AMS, 1997)(291s)

00077-Ab initio calculation of structures and properties of molecules_

00078-ABC de la Mecatrónica - Steren

00079-Abel's Proof - Essay on the Sources and Meaning of Mathematical Unsolvability - P. Pesic

00080-Abelian Varieties - D. Mumford

00081-Abell, Braselton. Differential Equations with Mathematica (641s)


00083-Abraham R., Marsden J.E. Foundations of Mechanics (2ed., AW, 1987)(838s)

00084-Abramovitz M., Stegun I.A. (eds.) Handbook of mathematical functions (10ed., NBS, 1972)(T)(1037s) (1)

00085-Abramowitz M., Stegun I.A. (eds.) Handbook of Mathematical Functions (10ed., NBS, 1972)(1037s)

00086-Abrasive Erosion and Corrosion of Hydraulic Machinery

00087-Abstract Algebra - the Basic Graduate Year - R. Ash

00088-Abstract Theory of Groups - O. Schmidt

00089-Acourse of pure mathematics - Hardy

00090-Activated Carbon Adsorption

00091-Aczel J. Lectures on Functional Equations & their Applications (AP, 1966)(528s)

00092-Adams J.F. Lectures on Exceptional Lie Groups (Chicago Lectures in Mathematics, 1996)(68s)

00093-Adams N. (ed.) Methods & Models in Statistics (WSP, 2004)(261s)

00094-Adams R.A. Sobolev Spaces (AP, 1975)(600dpi)(T)(278s)

00095-Adams, Smith, Vyborny. Introduction to Mathematics with Maple (WS, 2004)(544s)

00096-Adaptive High-Order Methods in Computational Fluid Dynamics

00097-Addison P.S. Fractals & Chaos. An Illustrated Course (IOP, 1997)(306s)

00098-Addison Wesley - From Java to C Sharp[2003]

00099-Addison Wesley - Python Programming with the Java Class Libraries - Jython

00100-Addison Wesley - Text processing in python

00101-Addison.Wesley.C++.Network Programming,Volume.1

00102-Addison.Wesley.C++.Network Programming,Volume.2

00103-Addison.Wesley.C++.Primer, Third Edition

00104-Addison.Wesley.C++.Standard Library,The.A.Tutorial.and.Reference


00106-Addison.Wesley.Efficient.C++ Performance Programming Techniques


00108-Addison.Wesley.Exceptional.C++ - 47 Engineering Puzzles, Programming Problems, and Solutions

00109-Addison.Wesley.Inside.the C++ Object Model

00110-Addison.Wesley.Modern.C++ Design Generic Programming and Design Patterns Applied

00111-Addison.Wesley.More.Exceptional C++

00112-Addison.Wesley.The.C++ Standard Library-A Tutorial and Reference

00113-Additives for Plastics Handbook, Second Edition

00114-Additives in Polymers Industrial Analysis and Applications

00115-Adhikari S.K. Variational Principles & the Numerical Solution of Scattering Problems (Wiley, 1998)(337s)

00116-Adled, R. - Random fields and their geometry (Stanford Lecture)(T)

00117-Adler A., Coury J. The Theory of Numbers. A Text & Source Book of Problems (1995)(415s)

00118-Adler R.J, Introduction to Continuity, Extrema & Related Topics for General Gaussian Processes (IMS lecture no

00119-Adler R.J. Geometry of Random Fields (Wiley, 1981)(290s)

00120-Adobe Creative Suite All-In-One Desk Reference for Dummies (2004)

00121-Adsorbent-Fundamentals and Applications

00122-Adsorption Theory, Modeling, And Analysis

00123-Adsorption analysis equilibria and kinetics 1998 - Do

00124-Adsorption and Diffusion (Molecular Sieves)

00125-Adsorption Engineering, Suzuki (1990)

00126-Adsorption Ion Exchange and Catalysis Design of Operations and Environmental Applications

00127-Adsorption Progress in Fundamental and Application Research

00128-Adsorption Science and Technology

00129-Adsorption Surface Area and Porosity 2nd_ed.Gregg.S.J_Sing.K.S.W.1982

00130-Adsorption Technology & Design, Elsevier

00131-Adsorption, surface area and porosity 2ed 1982 - Sing & Gregg

00132-Advanced Air and Noise Pollution Control

00133-Advanced Biological Treatment Processes

00134-Advanced Calculus - a Differential Forms Approach - H. Edwards

00135-Advanced Calculus - Widder D.V.

00136-Advanced Calculus 2002 by Folland

00137-Advanced Calculus 2Ed , 1990 - Loomis L H , Sternberg S

00138-Advanced Calculus 5th ed. - W. Kaplan (2003) WW

00139-Advanced Calculus of real valued functions of real variable and vectored valued functions of a vector variable

00140-Advanced Control of Industrial Processes Structures and Algorithms

00141-Advanced Course in Modern Nuclear Physics - J. Arias, M. Lozano (1)

00142-Advanced Drying Technologies

00143-Advanced Engineering Mathematics - Kreyszig

00144-Advanced engineering mathematics

00145-Advanced Engineering Mathmatics

00146-Advanced General Relativity - J. Stewart

00147-Advanced Mathematical Methods for Scientists and Engineers - C. Bender, S. Orszag

00148-Advanced MembraneTechnology

00149-Advanced Natural Gas Engineering

00150-Advanced organic chemistry 4ed 2000 - Part A Structure and mechanisms - Carey & Sundberg

00151-Advanced organic chemistry 4ed 2000 - Part B Reactions and synthesis - Carey & Sundberg

00152-Advanced Perl Programming, 2nd Edition (2005)

00153-Advanced Physicochemical Treatment Technologies Volume 5 Handbook of Environmental Engineering

00154-Advanced Programming In The UNIX Environment, 2e By Richard Stevens

00155-Advanced pulverized coal injection technology and blast furnace operation

00156-Advanced Software Testing Vol. 1 By Rex Black

00157-Advanced Software Testing Vol. 2 By Rex Black

00158-Advanced Transport Phenomena


00160-Advances in catalysis

00161-Advances in Chemical Physics Chemical Reactions and Their Control on the Femtosecond Time Scale 20th Solvay Conference on Chemistry

00162-Advances in chemical physics

00163-Advances in Fluid Catalytic Cracking

00164-Advances in Organobromine Chemistry II

00165-Advances in photochemistry

00166-Advances in physical organic chemistry

00167-Advances in Thermal Design of Heat Exchangers

00168-Advances in Transport Phenomena 2010


00170-Advancesin Biochemical Engineering Biotechnology

00171-Aerosol Technology Properties, Behavior, and Measurement of Airborne Particles

00172-Afraimovich, Hsu. Lectures on Chaotic Dynamical Systems (AMS, 2003)(K)(T)(361s)

00173-Agaian, Astola, Egiazarian. Binary Polynomial Transforms & Nonlinear Digital Filters (M.Dekker, 1995)(329s).dj

00174-Agrachev A.A., Sachkov Yu.L. Control Theory from the Geometric Viewpoint (book draft, 2003)(416s)

00175-Agresti A. Introduction to Categorical Data Analysis (Wiley, 1996)(302s)

00176-Aguilar M., Gitler S., Prieto C. Algebraic Topology from a Homotopical Viewpoint (Springer, 2002)(510s)

00177-Ahlfors L.V. Complex Analysis (2ed., MGH, 1966)(400dpi)(KA)(T)(330s)

00178-Ahlfors L.V. Complex Analysis (3ed., MGH, 1979)(KA)(100dpi)(T)(347s)

00179-Ahlfors L.V. Lectures on Quasiconformal Mappings (Van Nostrand, 1966)(151s)

00180-Air and Gas Drilling Manual - Applications for Oil and Gas Recovery Wells and Geothermal Fluids Recovery Wells (3rd Edition)

00181-Air Pollution Control Equipment Calculations

00182-Air pollution control equipment selection guide

00183-Aitken A. Statistical Mathematics (5ed., Interscience, 1947)(160s)

00184-AJAX - Creating Web Pages With Asynchronous JavaScript And XML

00185-Akhiezer N.I., Glazman I.M. Theory of Linear Operators in Hilbert Space (2ed., Dover, 1993)(377s)

00186-Akivis M.A., Goldberg V.V. Projective Differential Geometry of Submanifolds (NH, 1993)(366s)

00187-Albright's Chemical Engineering Handbook

00188-Alekseev V.B. Abel's Theorem in Problems & Solutions (Kluwer, 2004)(280s)

00189-Alekseevskij D.V., Lychagin V.V., Vinogradov A.M. Geometry I. Basic Ideas & Concepts of Differential Geometry

00190-Alekseevskij, Vinberg, Solodovnikov. Geometry of Spaces of Constant Curvature (transl.from. Geometry-2, VINITI

00191-Alexandroff - Elementary Concepts In Topology (1960)(T)

00192-Alexandroff. Elementary concepts in Topology (1932)(T)(62s)

00193-Alexandrov A.D., Reshetnyak Yu.G. General Theory of Irregular Curves (Kluwer, 1989)(296s)

00194-Alexandrov A.D., Zalgaller V.A. Intrinsic Geometry of Surfaces (AMS, 1967)(333s)

00195-Algae Energy - Algae as a New Source of Biodiesel

00196-Algebra I - Armando Rojo - By _Broly_ - T!




00200-Algebraic Aspects of Cryptography - Neal Koblitz

00201-Algebraic Curves and Riemann Surfaces - R. Miranda

00202-Algebraic D-modules - A. Borel et. al

00203-Algebraic Geometry - D. Bump

00204-Algebraic Geometry - R. Hartshorne

00205-Algebraic geometry a first course - Harris.J

00206-Algebraic geometry I-V - Shafarevich I.R

00207-Algebraic Geometry I. From Algebraic Varieties to Schemes - K. Ueno

00208-Algebraic Surfaces and Holomorphic Vector Bundles - R. Friedman

00209-Algebraic Topology an Intuitive Approach - H. Sato






00215-Algorithmic Algebra - B. Mishra

00216-Algorithmic Methods In Algebra And Number Theory - Pohst M

00217-Algorithmic number theory - Cohen H.

00218-Algorithmic number theory, vol. 1 Efficient algorithms - Bach E., Shallit J.

00219-Algorithms and Data Structures The Science of Computing - Douglas Baldwin

00220-Algorithms and Theory of Computation Handbook - Mikhail J Atallah

00221-Algorithms for Computer Algebra - K. Geddes, S. Czapor, G. Labahn

00222-Algorithms in Java, 3rd Ed, Part 1-4 - Robert Sedgewick

00223-Algorithms in Java, 3rd Ed, Part 5 Graph Algorithms - Robert Sedgewick

00224-Algorithms in Modern Mathematics & Computer Science

00225-Allen, Tildesley. Computer Simulation of Liquids (1987)(400s)

00226-Alley M. The Craft of Scientific Presentations (Springer, 2003)(T)(245s)

00227-Allouche J.-P., Shallit J. Automatic Sequences. Theory, Applications, Generalizations (CUP, 2003)(583s)

00228-Alon N., Spencer J. The Probabilistic Method (2nd ed. Wiley, 2000)(305s)

00229-Altland & Simons - Concepts Of Theoretical Solid State Physics(412s)(T)

00230-Altland A. QFT methods in condensed matter physics (lectures, 2001)(T)(412s)

00231-Altman A., Kleiman S. Introduction to Grothendieck Duality Theory (Springer LNM146, 1970)(96s)

00232-Aluminum Recycling and Processing for Energy Conservation and Sustainability

00233-Ames - Numerical Methods For Partial Differential Equations(1977)(2ed)(T)

00234-Ames W.F. Numerical methods for PDE (2ed., 1977)(T)(378s)

00235-Amino Acids, Peptides and Proteins in Organic Chemistry

00236-Amit D.J. - Field Theory, the Renormalization Group, and Critical Phenomena (2ed., WS, 1984)(ISBN

00237-Amusements In Mathematics - Dudeney, Henry Ernest

00238-An advanced course in general relativity(190s)(T) - Poisson, Eric

00239-An Elementary Approach to Homological Algebra - L. Vermani

00240-an elementary approach to the quantum theory of scattering by a potential (1)

00241-An Introduction to Atmospheric Thermodynamics

00242-an introduction to chemical engineering analysis using mathematica

00243-An Introduction to Chemical Engineering Kinetics and Reactor Design

00244-An Introduction to Chemical Kinetics

00245-An Introduction To Differential Geometry With Use Of Tensor Calculus - Eisenhart L P

00246-An introduction to fluid dynamics - G.K. Batchelor (1)

00247-An Introduction To Lattice Gauge Theory And Spin Systems

00248-An Introduction to Lie Groups and Lie Algebras, with Applications(T)

00249-An Introduction To Linear Algebra - Kenneth Kuttler

00250-An Introduction to Materials Engineering and Science for Chemical and Materials Engineers

00251-An Introduction to Modeling and Simulation of Particulate Flows

00252-an introduction to network modeling and simulation for the practicing engineer

00253-An introduction to the fractional calculus and fractional differential equations - Miller K.S., Ross B.

00254-An introduction to the theory of numbers 5ed - Niven I., Zuckerman H.S., Montgomery H.L.




00258-Analog and Digital Communication - SCHAUM'S OUTLINE

00259-Analysis and Deformulation of Polymeric Materials Paints, Plastics, Adhesives, and Inks

00260-Analysis Synthesis and Design of Chemical Processes by Truton [no book only CD]

00261-Analytic number theory - Iwaniec H.,Kowalski E.

00262-Anastassiou G. Handbook of Analytic-Computational Methods in Applied Mathematics (Springer, 2000)(1033s)

00263-Ancona V., Vaillant J. (eds.) Hyperbolic Differential Operators (Dekker, 2003)(373s)

00264-Anderson D.A. Factorization in Integral Domains (M.Dekker, 1997)(433s)

00265-Anderson F.W., Fuller K.R. Rings & Categories of Modules (2ed., Springer, 1992)(385s)

00266-Anderson I. A First Course in Discrete Mathematics (Springer, 2001)(200s)

00267-Anderson J.D.Jr. Computational Fluid Dynamics. The Basics with Applications (MGH, 1995)(563s)

00268-Anderson M.R. The mathematical theory of cosmic strings (IOP, 2003)(T)(393s) (1)

00269-Anderson P W Basic Notions Of Condensed Matter Physics(T)

00270-Andersson M., Passare M., Sigurdsson R. Complex Convexity & Analytic Functionals (Birkhauser, 2004)(166s)

00271-Andrews G.E. Number Theory (Saunders, 1971)(KA)(600dpi)(T)(270s)

00272-Andrews G.E. The Theory of Partitions (Enc.Math.Appl. 2, AW, 1976)(266s)

00273-Andrews G.E., Askey R., Roy R. Special Functions (CUP 1999)(681s)

00274-Andrzej Granas - Fixed Point Theory

00275-Andrzejewski R., Awrejcewicz J. Nonlinear Dynamics of a Wheeled Vehicle (Springer, 2005)(326s)

00276-Ang D.D., Gorenflo R., Le V.K., Trong D.D. Moment Theory & Inverse Problems in Potential Theory & Heat Conduct

00277-Angular Momentum Techniques in Quantum Mechanics - Devanathan V. (1)

00278-Antenna and EM Modeling with MATLAB - Sergey N. Makarov (.m Files)

00279-Análisis de Circuitos en Ingeniería - William Hayt y Jack Kemmerly

00280-Análisis de sistemas lineales [Salgado Yuz Rojas]

00281-Análisis Matemático - Vol. 1 (Rey Pastor, Pi Calleja y A. Trejo)

00282-Apostol T.M. Calculus & Linear Algebra. Vol. 1 (2ed., Wiley, 1967)(686s)

00283-Apostol T.M. Calculus & Linear Algebra. Vol. 2 (Wiley, 1969)(T)(696s)

00284-Apostol T.M. Introduction to Analytic Number Theory (Springer, 1976)(350s)

00285-Apostol T.M. Introduction to Analytic Number Theory (Springer, 1976)(T)(350s)

00286-Apostol T.M. Modular Functions & Dirichlet Series in Number Theory (Springer,1990)(216s)

00287-Appell J., A.S. Kalitvin, P.P. Zabrejko. Partial Integral Operators & Integro-differential Equations (M.Dekker

00288-Applications of Biotechnology in Cardiovascular Therapeutics

00289-Applications of Biotechnology in Traditional Fermented Foods by Panel on the Applications of Biotechnology

00290-Applications of Classical Physics - Blandford R.D., Thorne K.S. (1)


00292-Applied and Computational Complex Analysis Vol 1 - P. Henrici

00293-Applied and Computational Complex Analysis Vol 2 - P. Henrici

00294-applied calculus 6e tan

00295-applied electro magnetics

00296-Applied fluorescence in chemistry, biology and medicine 1999

00297-Applied Mathematics - P. Oliver, C. Shakiban

00298-Applied Mathematics And Modeling For Chemical Engineers

00299-Applied Nonlinear Analysis - A. Sequeira, H. da Vega, J. Videman

00300-applied num analysis 6e gerard

00301-Applied Numerical Linear Algebra - James W. Demmel

00302-Applied Parameter Estimation for Chemical Engineers by Peter Englezos

00303-Applied Partial Differential Equations 4E - Haberman

00304-Applied Partial Differential Equations logan chs 1 thru 5

00305-Applied Petroleum reservoir engineering

00306-Applied Process Design for Chemical and Petrochemical Plants - 4th edition

00307-Applied Process Design for Chemical and Petrochemical Plants - Vol 1

00308-Applied Process Design for Chemical and Petrochemical Plants - Vol 2

00309-Applied Process Design for Chemical and Petrochemical Plants - Vol 3

00310-Applied Pyrolysis Handbook

00311-Applied Statistics and Probability for Engineers 3E by Montgomery

00312-Applied Statistics and Probability for Engineers, 3rd Ed

00313-Applied Surfactants

00314-Applied Thermodynamics for Engineering Technologists

00315-Applied_ Numerical -Analysis 7EdGerald,Wheatleymanual

00316-Aquatic Chemical Kinetics - Reaction Rates of Processes in Natural Waters

00317-Arbarello, Cornalba, Griffiths, Harris. Geometry of Algebraic Curves. vol 1 (Springer, 1985)(211s)

00318-Arc Welding

00319-Arcangeli R., et al. Multidimensional Minimizing Splines. Theory & Applications (Kluwer, 2004)(280s)

00320-Ardema M. Analytical Dynamics. Theory & Applications (Kluwer, 2005)(344s)

00321-Ardema M. Newton-Euler Dynamics (Springer, 2005)(324s)

00322-Arfken G.B., Weber H.J. Mathematical Methods for Physicists (6ed., Elsevier AP, 2005)(1198s)

00323-Arfken Weber - Mathematical methods for physicists - 5ed(600dpi)(994s)(T) (1)

00324-Argyris J., Faust G., Haase M. An Exploration of Chaos (North-Holland, 1994)(756s)


00326-Ariyur K.B., Krstic M. Real-Time Optimization by Extremum-Seeking Control (Wiley, 2003)(230s)

00327-Arnold V., Khezin B. Topological Methods in Hydrodynamics (Springer, 1998)(392s)

00328-Arnold V., Khezin B. Topological Methods in Hydrodynamics (Springer, 1998)(T)(392s)

00329-Arnold V.I. Lectures on Partial Differential Equations (Springer, 2004)(165s)

00330-Arnold V.I. Lectures on Partial Differential Equations (Springer,2004)(ISBN 3540404481)(600dpi)(T (1)

00331-Arnold V.I. Mathematical methods of classical mechanics (2ed, Springer, 1989)(536s)(T)

00332-Arnold V.I. Ordinary differential equations (MIT, 1978)(no TOC)(T)(273s) (1)

00333-Arnold V.I. The Theory of Singularities & its Applications (Fermi Lectures, 1991)(78s)

00334-Arnold.D - Functional Analysis(T)

00335-Arquitectura de Computadoras - Morris Mano

00336-Arratia R., Barbour A., Tavare S. Logarithmic Combinatorial Structures. A Probabilistic Approach (EMS, 2003)(3

00337-Arscott F.M. Periodic Differential Equations (Pergamon, 1964)(292s)


00339-Artin E. Galois Theory (2ed., 1944)(200dpi)(T)(86s)

00340-Artin E. The Gamma Function (1931)(23s)

00341-Artin M. Algebra (PH, 1991)(633s)

00342-Artin M. Lectures on Deformations of Singularities (Tata Lectures on Mathematics & Physics 54, 1976)(68s)

00343-Artin M., Tate J. (eds.) Arithmetic & Geometry I. Honorary to I. Shafarevich (Progr.Math.35, Birkhauser, 1983

00344-Artin M., Tate J. (eds.) Arithmetic & Geometry II. Honorary to I. Shafarevich (Progr.Math.36, Birkhauser, 1983

00345-Arveson W. A Short Course on Spectral Theory (Springer, 2002)(141s)

00346-Arveson W. An Invitation to C-algebras (Springer, 1976)(116s)

00347-Arveson W. Ten Lectures on Operator Algebras (AMS, 1984)(101s)

00348-Arvo J. (ed.) Graphics Gems, vol. 2 (AP, 1995)(492s)

00349-Ashcroft, Neil W, Mermin, David N - Solid State Physics(T)

00350-Ashman & Zeff - Globular cluster systems

00351-Ashtekar A. Lectures on nonperturbative canonical gravity (WS, 1991)(L)(T)(177s)

00352-Askeland science and engineering of materials solutions

00353-Askey R. Orthogonal Polynomials and Special Functions (SIAM, 1975)(T)(120s)

00354-ASME Code Pressure Vessel

00355-Asphaltenes, Heavy Oils, and Petroleomics

00356-Assembly Language Step-by-Step Programming with DOS and Linux

00357-astronomy today

00358-Asymmetric catalysis in organic synthesis - Noyori

00359-Athreya K.B., Ney P.E. Branching Processes (Springer, 1972)(294s)

00360-Atiyah M. et al. Representation theory of Lie groups (CUP, 1973)(L)(T)(177s)

00361-Atiyah M. Geometry of Yang-Mills fields (L)(T)(51s)

00362-Atiyah M. Geometry of Yang-Mills Fields (Pisa, 1979)(100s)

00363-Atiyah M. The Geometry & Physics of Knots (CUP, 1990)(84s)

00364-Atiyah M., et al. Representation Theory of Lie Groups (Proc. Oxford 1977)(177s)

00365-Atiyah M.F. Vector Bundles over an Elliptic Curve (1957)(40s)

00366-Atiyah M.F., Bott R., Shapiro A. Clifford Modules (1963)(36s)

00367-Atiyah, Macdonald. Introduction to Commutative Algebra (1969)(137s)


00369-Atkins P, Molecular Quantum Mechanics, Oup 1996(T)

00370-Atmospheric Electrostatics - Wahlin L. (1)

00371-AudelTM Pumps and Hydraulics All New 6th Edition

00372-Audin M. Lectures on Gauge Theory & Integrable Systems (1997)(25s)

00373-Audin M. The Topology of Torus Actions on Symplectic Manifolds (Birkhauser, 1991)(92s)

00374-Audin M. Torus Actions on Symplectic Manifolds (2ed, Birkhauser, 2003)(330s)

00375-Auslander M., Reiten I., Smalo S.O. Representation Theory of Artin Algebras (CUP 1995)(432s)

00376-Awrejcewicz J., Krysko V. Introduction to Asymptotic Methods (Taylor, 2006)(253s)

00377-Awrejcewicz, Andrianov, Mavenitch. Asymptotic Approaches in Nonlinear Dynamics (Springer, 1998)(316s)

00378-Ayres F. Theory & Problems of Differential Equations (Schaum's Outline, 1952)(303s)

00379-Azeotropic Data I

00380-Azeotropic Data II

00381-Azeotropic Data III

00382-Bach E., Shallit J. Algorithmic Number Theory, vol. 1. Efficient Algorithms (MIT, 1996)(516s)

00383-Bachman G. Introduction to p-adic Numbers & Valuation Theory (AP, 1964)(L)(T)(91s)

00384-Baez J C , Muniain J P Gauge Theories, Knots, And Gravity (Ws, 1994)(L)(T)(239S)

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00798-Computer modelling of chemical reactions in enzymes and solutions 1997 - Warshel

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00805-Conceptual Spaces The Geometry Of Thought - Gardenfors

00806-Conduct of Operations and Operational Discipline For Improving Process Safety in Industry

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00857-Cryogenic Engineering

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00861-Crystallization Process Systems

00862-Crystallization, Fourth Edition

00863-Crystallography picture books - Steffen Weber

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00865-CSS For Windows 8 App Development

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00883-Density functional theory

00884-DESALINATION, Trends & Technologies

00885-Design and Control of Distillation Systems for Separating Azeotropes

00886-Design Aspects of Used Lubricating Oil Re-Refining

00887-Design of Distillation Column Control Systems

00888-Design of Experiments in Chemical Engineering

00889-Design of Simple and Robust Process Plants

00890-Designing For Windows 8

00891-Developing an Industrial Chemical Process - An integrated approach

00892-Developing An Industrial Chemical Process An Integrated Approach

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00907-differential equations boyce 8th

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00921-Diffusion mass transfer in fluid systems

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00923-Dimensioning and Tolerancing Handbook

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00926-discrete and comb math 5e grimaldi

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00929-discrete mathematics

00930-Diseño Electrónico - Circuitos y Sistemas - Savant et al

00931-Distillation and vapor pressure measurement in petroleum products


00933-Distillation Design and Control Using Aspen Simulation by William L. Luyben

00934-Distillation Design and Control Using Aspen Simulation

00935-distillation design-kister

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00963-ecuaciones diferenciales parciales sistemas dinamicos

00964-Ecuaciones Diferenciales

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00969-El hombre que calculaba

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00978-Electrochemistry for the Environment

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01019-Emulsion Science and Technology

01020-Emulsion Science Basic Principles Second Edition

01021-Emulsions and Oil Treating Equipment Selection, Sizing and Troubleshooting

01022-Enamines - Synthesis, structure and reactions 1969 - Cook

01023-enciclopedia industrial_Ullman

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01038-Encyclopedia of Mathematics - Gale Group (Vol.4 Sc-Ze)

01039-Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 1

01040-Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 10

01041-Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 2

01042-Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 3

01043-Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 4

01044-Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 5

01045-Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 6

01046-Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 7

01047-Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 8

01048-Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 9

01049-Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 2004, v.1-10

01050-Encyclopedia Of Polymer Science & Technology

01051-Encyclopedia of separation science


01053-Encyclopedic Dictionary of Named Processes in Chemical Technology

01054-Encyclopedic Handbook of Emulsion Technology

01055-Energy Conservation Guidebook


01057-Engineering - Steel Heat Treatment Handbook - Metallurgy and Technologies,

01058-Engineering Analysis, Interactive Methods and Programs With FORTRAN QuickBASIC MATLAB and Mathematica

01059-Engineering Data on Mixing

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01061-Engineering Materials Science

01062-Engineering Mathematics

01063-Engineering Mechanics of solids (popov)

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01065-engineering statistics 4e Montgomery

01066-Engineering Thermodynamics Through Examples

01067-Engineering Thermofluids Thermodynamics Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer




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01128-First Course in Probability 7E - Ross

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01130-Fisica vol 1 SEMANZKY and solutions manual


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01133-Flotation Technology

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01135-Flow of Fluids Through Valve, Fittings and Pipes

01136-Floyd - Digital Fundamentals 9e

01137-Floyd - Electronic Devices CC 7e.iso

01138-Floyd - Principles of Electric Circuits CC 8e

01139-Floyd - Principles of Electric Circuits CC 8e.iso

01140-Fluid Bed Technology in Materials Processing

01141-Fluid Catalytic Cracking Handbook - 2nd Ed

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01143-Fluid Dynamics of Packed Columns

01144-Fluid Flow for Chemical Engineers (2nd Edition)

01145-Fluid Flow for the Practicing Chemical Engineer - Essential Engineering Calculations Series

01146-Fluid Flow Measurement A Practical Guide to Accurate Flow Measurement (Second Edition)

01147-Fluid Flow, Heat Transfer and Boiling in Micro-Channels

01148-Fluid Mechanics - Frank M.White_

01149-Fluid mechanics and the environment dynamical approaches - Lumley J.L. (1)

01150-Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Turbomachinery

01151-Fluid Mechanics for chemical Engineers - Noel de nevers 2E

01152-Fluid Mechanics Fourth Edition

01153-Fluid mechanics problems and solutions

01154-Fluid Mechanics with Multimedia DVD, Fifth Edition

01155-Fluid Mechanics Worked Examples for Engineers

01156-Fluid Mechanics, Fourth Edition



01159-Fluidization solids handling and processing Industrial Applications


01161-Fluidized Bed Combustion Dekker Mechanical Engineering

01162-Fluids Mechanics 4th Ed. by Frank White

01163-Fluids Mechanics 5th Ed. by Frank White

01164-Flujo De Fluidos E Intercambio De Calor

01165-FOGLER Elements of Chemical Reaction Engineering 3rd Edition SOLUTIONS MANUAL

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01167-food plant design

01168-Food Process Design

01169-Food Process Modeling and Control Chemical_Engineering Applications Topics in Chemical Engineering

01170-Food Processing Handbook

01171-Food Processing Operations Modeling Design and Analysis

01172-Formaldehyde 3d Edition. ACS Monograph No. 159

01173-Formulas and Calculations for Drilling Production and Workover 2E

01174-Forsyth A.R. Vol.2. Theory of differential equations, part 2. Ordinary nonlinear equations (CUP,

01175-Forsyth A.R. Vol.5. Theory of differential equations, part 4. PDEs (CUP, 1906)(L)(T)(249s)

01176-FORTRAN Numerical Methods for Engineers, 3rd Ed. Steve Chapra, Ray Canale Toolkit Disk

01177-FORTRAN to Visual BASIC source code conversion


01179-Fossil Hydrocarbons. Chemistry and Technology

01180-Fouling of Heat Exchangers

01181-Foundations of Algebra and Analysis - C. Dodge

01182-Foundations of Analysis - The Arithmetic of Whole, Rational, Irrational and Complex Numbers

01183-Foundations of Materials Science and Engineering By William F. Smith and Javad Hashemi 5th edition(

01184-Foundations of modern analysis - Friedman

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01186-Foundations of statistical mechanics - Penrose O.



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01190-Fractional distillation (1903)

01191-Fracture Mechanics

01192-Frenkel - Molecular Simulation

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01196-From calculus to chaos - Acheson (1)

01197-From Calculus to Chaos - D. Acheson

01198-From Plant Data to Process Control


01200-Frontiers in Chemical Engineering Research Needs and Opportunities

01201-Fuel Cells Technologies for Fuel Processing

01202-Fuel Processing for Fuel Cells

01203-Fueling Our Future An Introduction to Sustainable Energy

01204-Functional Analysis - W. Rudin

01205-Functional Calculus of Pseudo-Differential Boundary Problems - Birkhauser

01206-Functional condensation polymers 2002 - Carraher & Swift

01207-Functional Equations in a Single Variable - M. Kuczma

01208-Functional monomers anf polymers 2ed 1997 - Takemoto et al

01209-Functional Operators, Vol.1 - Measures and Integrals - J. von Neumann




01213-fundamental differential equations saff 4e

01214-Fundamental Principles of Polymeric Materials

01215-Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry 8e HQ (Thomson, 2004) Skoog - West- Holler - crouch

01216-Fundamentals of Biochemical Engineering

01217-fundamentals of biostatistics (7th edition)

01218-Fundamentals of Cavitation

01219-Fundamentals of Combustion Processes

01220-Fundamentals of Compressible Fluid Mechanics

01221-Fundamentals Of Computer Algorithms By Ellis Horowitz

01222-Fundamentals of Electric Circuit

01223-Fundamentals of Electric Circuits with CD-ROM

01224-Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics

01225-Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics - 4th ed - Munson, Young, Okiishi

01226-Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics 4th Edition - Munson - John Wiley and Sons

01227-Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics and Transport Phenomena

01228-Fundamentals of Food Process Engineering

01229-Fundamentals of Heat and Mas Transfer Seventh Edition

01230-Fundamentals Of Heat And Mass Transfer Incropera Dewitt 4Th 5Th

01231-Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer-Incropera-6th-book.7z

01232-Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer-Incropera-6th-solutions.7z

01233-Fundamentals of HVAC Systems (IP) IP Edition Hardbound Book

01234-Fundamentals of HVAC Systems SI - Robert McDowall

01235-Fundamentals of Industrial Instrumentation and Process Control

01236-Fundamentals of Modern Manufacturing Materials,Processes, and Systems

01237-Fundamentals of Molecular Catalysis

01238-Fundamentals of Momentum, Heat, and Mass Transfer 5th Edition -Solutions Manual

01239-Fundamentals of Momentum, Heat, and Mass Transfer 5th Edition

01240-Fundamentals of Multicomponent Distillation

01241-Fundamentals of Natural Gas Processing

01242-Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry Solomon

01243-Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry

01244-Fundamentals of Petroleum and Petrochemical Engineering

01245-fundamentals of physic 7th solution manual and testbank

01246-Fundamentals of Physics - 7th Edition Instructors Solutions Manual

01247-Fundamentals of physics Halliday Resnick text book

01248-Fundamentals Of Physics, 6Th Ed , Answers Pdf

01249-Fundamentals of Polymer Engineering, Second Edition

01250-Fundamentals of polymer engineering

01251-fundamentals of probability with stochastic

01252-Fundamentals of Salt Water Desalination

01253-Fundamentals of Statistical And Thermal Physics - F. Reif (1)

01254-Fundamentals of Stellar Astrophysics - G. Collins (2003) WW

01255-Fundamentals of Thermodynamics (6th Edition) - SONNTAG, BORGNAKKE, VAN WYLEN

01256-Fundamentals of Thermodynamics

01257-Fundamentals of Wavelets - Theory, Algorithms, and Applications - J. Goswami, A. Chan


01259-Fundamentos de Electromagnetismo para Ingenieria - David K. Cheng

01260-fundamentos de quimica analitica - skoog - 8ºed

01261-Fundamentos de quimica analitica 8ed 2005 - Skoog, West, Holler & Crouch

01262-Física Resnick - Vol. 1 (5° Ed) - By Mathsnel

01263-Galindo A., Pascual P. Quantum mechanics I (Springer, 1990)(ISBN 0387514066)(T) (431s)

01264-Galindo A., Pascual P. Quantum mechanics II (Springer, 1991)(ISBN 038752309X)(T)(388s)

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01266-Galois Theory 2nd ed. - E. Artin


01268-Galperin Y M Introduction To Modern Solid State Physics(476S)(T)

01269-Gas Purification 5E

01270-Gas solid transport

01271-Gas Well Deliquification 2nd_Edition

01272-Gas-Liquid And Liquid-Liquid Separators

01273-Gasification Technologies A Primer for Engineers and Scientists

01274-Gasiorowicz, S. - Quantum Physics (3ed 2003, 348p)(T)

01275-Gasoline, Diesel and Ethanol Biofuels from Grasses and Plants

01276-Gauge Fields in Condensed Matter Vol 1 - H. Kleinert

01277-Gauge Fields in Condensed Matter Vol 2 - H. Kleinert

01278-Gauge Fields, Knots and Gravity - J. Baez, J. Muniain (1)

01279-Gauge theories in particle physics, 3rd. ed. vol 1From Relativistic Quantum Mechanics to Qed - I. Aitichison (1)




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02251-PHP MySQL JavaScript and HTML5 All-in-One For Dummies Small

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02253-Physical Chemistry ( 8E 2007) Peter Atkins, Julio de Paula

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02330-Preview - The Truth About HTML5 (For Web Designers)

02331-Preview - The Truth About HTML5 (For Web Designers).mobi

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02848-Turbulence Nature and the Inverse Problem

02849-Twenty-Fifth Symposium on Biotechnology for Fuels and Chemicals


02851-Two hundred exercises in mechanistic organic chemistry 2002 - Suarez

02852-Ubuntu Linux For Dummies Apr 2007

02853-Understanding Linux Network Internals

02854-Undertandable Statistics 7E Brase

02855-Unification and Supersymmetry 3rd ed - R. Mohapatra (Springer, 2003) WW

02856-Unit operations in chemical engineering



02859-unit process in organic synthesis p.h.groggins 5th edition

02860-Unit-Operation-of-Chemical-Engineering 6th Ed, Solutions-Manual

02861-Unit-Operation-of-Chemical-Engineering 7th Ed, Solutions-Manual

02862-Unix - GUI Programming with Python

02863-Unix for Dummies, 5th (2004)

02864-Unix Shell Programming

02865-Unsolved Problems In Number Theory 2 Ed - R K Guy

02866-Used Battery Collection and Recycling

02867-Useful Optics - W. Welford

02868-User Mode Linux

02869-V. E. Zakharov - What is Integrability

02870-V. V. Prasolov - Essays On Numbers And Figures

02871-Valve Selection Handbook, Fifth Edition

02872-Valve Selection Handbook

02873-Valves, Piping and Pipelines Handbook, Third Edition


02875-Vapor Pressure and Antoine Constants for Hydrocarbons, Springer (1999), 354064735X



02878-Vector and Tensor Analysis with Applications - A. Borisenko and I.Tarapov

02879-Vectors, Tensors and the Basic Equations of Fluid Mechanics

02880-Vectors, Tensors, And The Basic Equations Of Fluid Mechanics - Aris R (1)

02881-Vegetable oils in food technology composition, properties, and uses

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02883-Vinyl Acetate Emulsion Polymerization and Copolymerization With Acrylic Monomers

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02886-Viscous Fluid Flow

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02889-Vol 01 Hydrogen & Oxygen

02890-Vol 02 Halogens & Alkali metals

02891-Vol 08 Nitrogen & Phosphorus

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02893-Vol. 3. Landau and Lifshitz

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02905-Warner - Foundations of differentiable manifolds and Lie groups (278s)(T)

02906-Warner, Brian - Cataclysmic variable stars

02907-Wassermann - Functional Analysis (Cambridge)(T)

02908-Waste Treatment and Disposal

02909-Wastewater Sludge Processing

02910-Water and WasteWater Calculations manual-2nd ed

02911-Water Quality & Treatment A Handbook on Drinking Water

02912-water reuse - metcalf eddy

02913-Water soluble polymers 2002 - Amjad

02914-Water Treatment Plant Design 4th Edition (2004)

02915-Waterborne & Solvent Based Surface Costings & Their Applications, Vol. 1, Vinyl Acrylic by M. Barbour

02916-Weedman Daniel - Quasar astronomy

02917-Wehrse R. (ed.) - Accuracy of Element Abundances from Stellar Atmospheres (Springer, 1990)

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02922-Welding Handbooks AWS

02923-Wetland Systems Storm Water Management Control

02924-What Went Wrong

02925-Wheeler, Craig J. - Accretion Disks in Compact Stellar Systems

02926-White's Handbook of Chlorination and Alternative Disinfectants


02928-Whittaker E.T.- On the Partial Differential Equations of Mathematical Physics(T) (1)

02929-Wi-Foo - The Secrets Of Wireless Hacking

02930-Wiggins S. - Introduction to Applied Nonlinear Dynamical Systems

02931-William J. Stevenson - Production-Operations Management (5th ed.)

02933-Wilson, Peter R. - Solar and stellar activity cycles

02934-Windows Server 2003 For Dummies (2003)

02935-Wood Chemistry and Wood Biotechnology (Pulp and Paper Chemistry and Technology) V1


02937-Write Great Code Understanding the Machine, Volume I

02938-Writing Apache Modules with Perl and C

02939-wxPython in Action

02940-XSLT for Dummies (2002)

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02946-Zeolites and Catalysis Synthesis, Reactions and Applications

02947-Zeolites for cleaner technologies

02948-Zeolites in Industrial Separation and Catalysis

02949-Zill Differential Eqs 5thEd Complete Sol Manual


02951-Zorich V. Analysis I (ISBN 9783540332770)(Springer, 2006)(de)(T)(609s)_MCet_

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02976-(QC21 3 S467 2010) Physics for Scientists and Engineers with Modern Physics (Raymond A Serway, John W Jewett)

02977-1004 Hackintosh Guide iBoot

02978-101 Healing Stories For Kids And Teens Using Metaphors In Therapy

02979-111 The Unofficial Guide To Making Money On Ebay 2006


02981-175 High-Impact Cover Letters 3rd Edition 0471210846

02982-1998 Vol 2 Organic and inorganic

02983-1999 Vol 3 Organic molecular photochemistry

02984-2004 Dive Into Python Apress

02985-2005 -Catalysys of organic reactions Sowa

02986-2005 mastering Enterprise Javabeans 3rd Edition

02987-2007 - Catalysys of organic reactions Schmidt

02988-2012 Traveler Google

02989-209 Fast Spare-Time Ways To Build Zero Cash Into 7 Figures A Year In Real Estate (2004) (Pdf)

02990-250 HTML And Web Design Secrets

02991-250 Html And Web Design Secrets

02992-2500 SOLVED PROBLEMS in fluid mechanics & hydraulics



02995-3D Computer Graphics - A Mathematical Introduction with OpenGL

02996-3D Math Primer For Graphics And Game Development - Fly

02997-3d Videocommunication Algorithms Concepts And Real-Time Systems In Human Centred Communication (2005) Ling Lotb

02998-3ds Max 7 Bible (2005) Lotb

02999-3g Handset And Network Design Lib

03000-4 Organizational Behavior 7th Ed 2002

03001-44signals And Systems Tlf

03002-50 Fast Photoshop 7 Techniques (2002); Bm Ocr 6 0 Shareconnector

03003-50 Fast Photoshop Cs Techniques 2004

03004-802 11 Wireless Networks Security and Analysis - Computer Communications and Networks


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03023-[Solutions Manual] Elements of Electromagnetics - Sadiku - 3rd

03024-[Solutions Manual] Fundamental os Heat and Mass Transfer [Frank P Incropera - David P DeWitt] ANOTHER EDITION

03025-[Solutions Manual] Fundamental os Heat and Mass Transfer [Frank P Incropera - David P DeWitt]

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03031-[Solutions manual] Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists Manual HAYLER

03032-[Solutions Manual] Signals And Systems - 2nd Ed - Oppenheim & Wilsky

03033-[Solutions Manual] Signals and Systems 2nd Ed - Haykin

03034-A Beginners Guide to Mathematica

03035-A Brief History of Particle Physics

03036-A Classical Introduction to Modern Number Theory, Kenneth Ireland, Michael Rosen 1

03037-A Classical Introduction to Modern Number Theory, Kenneth Ireland, Michael Rosen

03038-A College Text-Book Of Physics - Kimball

03039-A Computational Introduction to Number Theory and Algebra - Victor Shoup

03040-A Computational Introduction To Number Theory And Algebra - Victor Shoups

03041-A Computational Study of The Job Scheduling Problem

03042-A concise course in algebraic topology - May J P

03043-A Concise Introduction to the Theory of Numbers- Baker A

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03045-A Cost-Effective, High-Bandwidth Storage Architecture 10 1 1 130 1602

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03053-A Course in Homological Algebra, Peter J Hilton, Urs Stammbach

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03055-A Course in Mathematical Logic, Yu I Manin

03056-A Course in Mathematical Statistics 2nd edition

03057-A Course in Number Theory and Cryptography 2 ed - Neal Koblitz

03058-A Course in Number Theory and Cryptography, Neal Koblitz 1

03059-A Course in Number Theory and Cryptography, Neal Koblitz

03060-A Course in p-adic Analysis, Alain M Robert

03061-A Course in Simple-Homotopy Theory, Marshall M Cohen

03062-A Course in the Theory of Groups, Derek J S Robinson 1

03063-A Course in the Theory of Groups, Derek J S Robinson

03064-A Course In Universal Algebra - S Burris and H P Sankappanavar

03065-A Course of Pure Mathematices Classic eBooK -LegalTorrents

03066-A Course on Borel Sets, S M Srivastava 1

03067-A Course on Borel Sets, S M Srivastava

03068-A Discipline of Multiprogramming - A Programming Theory for Distributed Applications

03069-A Family's Guide to the Military For Dummies - (2008)

03070-A Fast File System for UNIX p181-mckusick

03071-A first corse in finite element analysis

03072-A First Course in Discrete Mathematics 2nd ed - ANdersonn

03073-A First Course In Linear Algebra - Robert A Beezer

03074-A First Course in Noncommutative Rings, T Y Lam 1

03075-A First Course in Noncommutative Rings, T Y Lam

03076-A First Course in String Theory - B Zwiebach

03077-A First Course in the Finite Element Method

03078-A guide to chalogen-nitrogen chemistry 2005 - Chivers

03079-A Guide to MATLAB for Beginners and Experienced Users - Hunt Lipsman & Rosenberg

03080-A Guide to MATLAB Object-Oriented Programming - Andy H Register

03081-A Guide to Physics Problems Part 1 - Mechanics, Relativity, and Electrodynamics - Cahn S , Nadgor

03082-A Guide to Physics Problems Part 2 - Thermodynamics, Statistical Physics And Quantum Mechanics -

03083-A Guide to Physics Problems Part 2 Thermodynamics, Statistical Physics, and Quantum Mechanics -S Cahn, B Nadgorny (1)

03084-A Guided Tour of Mathematical Physics - Roel Snieder

03085-A Hilbert Space Problem Book, P R Halmos

03086-A Hilbert Space Problem Book, Paul R Halmos

03087-A History Of Electricity And Magnetism

03088-A Hybrid Disk-Aware Spin-Down Algorithm with IO Subsystem Support 10 1 1 62 3456

03089-A Journey Through The Universe

03090-A Linear Algorithm for Embedding Planar Graphs Using PQ-Trees

03091-A Logic of Authentication p18-burrows

03092-A New Kind Of Science - S Wolfram (1)

03093-A Newbie’s Getting Started Guide to Linux

03094-A Practical Handbook of Preparative HPLC 2006 - Wellings

03095-A Practical Introduction to Computer Architecture By Daniel Page Springer

03096-A primer for the Monte Carlo method 1994 - Sobol

03097-A Short Course on Spectral Theory, William Arveson

03098-A Short History of Nearly Everything

03099-A Treatise on Astronomy

03100-A treatise on electricity and magnetism, Vol I, J C Maxwell (1)

03101-A treatise on electricity and magnetism, Vol II, J C Maxwell (1)

03102-A+ Certification for Dummies 2nd Ed (2001)

03103-A Complete Guide To Technical Trading Tactics How To Profit Using Pivot Points Candlesticks & Other Indicators John L Person 2004

03104-A First Course In Stochastic Models (H C Tijms2003 Isbn 0471498807)

03105-A History Of Interest Ratesfinance Series 4th Ed Yyepg

03106-A Life Of Magic Chemistry (2001

03107-A Networking Approach To Grid Computing (2005) Ling Bm Ocr 7 0-2 6 Lotb

03108-A Systems Approach To Planning Scheduling And Controlling Project Management

03109-A Textbook Of Modern Toxicology 3ed (2004) Ddu; Bm Ocr 6 0 Shareconnector




03113-Aaa And Network Security For Mobile Access Radius Diameter Eap Pki And Ip Mobility (2005) Ling Lotb

03114-ABC do DFT

03115-ABC Of Relativity 4th revised ed - B Russell (1)

03116-Abdel-Aal, H K and Aggour, M - Petroleum and Gas Field Processing

03117-Abel's Theorem in Problems and Solutions - V B Alekseev

03118-Abhishek Agarwal - Astral Projection - Amazing Journeys Outside Your Body

03119-About Face 2 0 The Essentials Of Interactions Design

03120-Absorption of nitrous gases - Webb

03121-Abstract algebra

03122-Access 2007 VBA Programming For Dummies (Wiley, 2007)

03123-Access 2003 Bible Lib

03124-Accessible Xhtml And Css Web Sites (2005) Ddu Lotb

03125-Accounting for DUMmIES 4th

03126-Accounting WorkBook for DUMmIES

03127-Accounting Best Practices 3rd Ed 2004

03128-Accounting For Managers Interpreting Accounting Information For Decision-Making

03129-Accounting For Payroll A Comprehensive Guide 2004

03130-Accounting Reference Desktop (Us Gaap) 2002

03131-Accountingessentials Of Accounts Payable 2002-Fly (Business)

03132-Accountingessentials Of Credit Collections And Accounts Receivable 2002-Fly (Business)




03136-Achieving Robustness in Distributed Database Systems

03137-Acid Base Indicators 1937 - Kolthoff

03138-Acne for DUMmIES

03139-Acoustics - L Beranek (1)

03140-ACT 2005 for Dummies (2004)

03141-ACT 2007 For Dummies - K Fredricks (Wiley, 2006) WW

03142-ACT! by Sage for DUMmIES 9th

03143-Active Directory for DUMmIES 2nd

03144-Adam Khoo with Stuart Tan - Master Your Mind Design Your Destiny

03145-Adaptive Filtering Primer with MATLAB - Poularikas and Ramadan

03146-Adaptive Wcdma

03147-Adaptive Wcdma Theory And Practice 2003


03149-Addison Wesley - Concepts of Programming Languages 5e

03150-Addison Wesley - Tcl and the Tk Toolkit[1993]

03151-Addison Wesley XML and SQL Developing Web Applications

03152-Addison Wesley Advanced CORBA Programming with C++

03153-Addison Wesley Designing Components with the C++ STL

03154-Addison Wesley Effcient C++ Programming Techniques

03155-Addison Wesley Essential C++

03156-Addison Wesley Firewalls And Internet Security Repelling Thehacker

03157-Addison Wesley Modern C++ Design Generic Programming and Design Patterns Applied

03158-Addison Wesley More Exceptional C++

03159-Addison Wesley PHP and MySQL Web Development 4th Edition 1009pp 10-2008

03160-Addisson-Wesley - Calculo Vectorial - Marsden - Tromba 3Ed

03161-additional pages that were blurred

03162-Additive Number Theory, Melvyn B Nathanson

03163-Adhesion of polymers 2002 - Veslovsky & Kestelman



03166-Administering Data Centers Servers Storage And Voice Over Ip (2006) Ddu Ocr 7 0 Lotb

03167-Adobe Acrobat 6 PDF For Dummies 2003 Wiley RR

03168-Adobe Creative Suite 2 All-In-One Desk Reference for Dummies (2005)

03169-Adobe Creative Suite 3 All-In-One Desk Reference for DUMmIES

03170-Adobe eBook Platform

03171-Adobe Illustrator 10 for Dummies

03172-Adobe Illustrator CS for Dummies

03173-Adobe InDesign CS3 for DUMmIES

03174-Adobe Premiere Elements for Dummies (2004)

03175-Adobe Photoshop Cs In 10 Simple Steps Or Less (2004) Ddu Bm Ocr 6 0 Shareconnector1

03176-Adsorption and diffusion in zeolites - A computational study

03177-Adsorption by powders and porous solids 1999 - Rouquerol, Rouquerol & Sing

03178-Adsorption engineering 1989 - Suzuki

03179-Adsorption onto heterogeneous porous materials equilibria and kinetics

03180-Adushkin, Vitaly & Nemchinov, Ivan - Catastrophic Events Caused by Cosmic Objects

03181-Adv Polym Sci, v 179 Inorganic Polymeric Nanocomposites and Membranes, 2005, p 221

03182-Advanced Calculus (3th Edition) - Angus E Taylor and W Robert Mann

03183-Advanced Calculus (5th Edition) - Wilfred Kaplan

03184-Advanced Calculus - Lynn H Loomis and Shlomo Sternberg

03185-Advanced Calculus 3rd Edition - Taylor Angus & Wiley Fayez

03186-Advanced Calculus and Analysis - Ian craw

03187-Advanced Calculus of real valued functions of real variable and vectored valued functions of a vector va~0

03188-Advanced Complexity Theory Lctn - Madhu Sudan

03189-Advanced Computer Architecture - Parallelism Scalability and Programmability

03190-Advanced Computer Architecture And Parallel Processing (2005)

03191-Advanced Computer Architecture and Parallel Processing

03192-Advanced Computer Architecture

03193-Advanced Database Techniques-f

03194-Advanced Engineering Dynamics

03195-Advanced Engineering Mathematics - Michael D Greenberg, 2nd Ed

03196-Advanced Engineering Mathematics 8Ed - Erwin Kreyszig - Solutions Manual

03197-Advanced free radical reactions for organic synthesis 2004 - Togo

03198-Advanced Linear Algebra, Steven Roman

03199-Advanced Linux 3D Graphics Programming

03200-Advanced Linux Programming

03201-Advanced Magnetic Nanostructures, 2006, p 514

03202-Advanced Mathematical Analysis, Richard Beals

03203-Advanced Mathematics and Mechanics Applications Using MATLAB - Howard B Wilson

03204-Advanced Number Theory - Cohn

03205-Advanced Operating Systems and Kernel Applications Techniques and Technologies By Yair Wiseman and Song Jiang

03206-Advanced organic chemistry 4ed 2000 - Part A Structure and mechanisms - Carey & Sundberg

03207-Advanced organic chemistry 4ed 2000 - Part B Reactions and synthesis - Carey & Sundberg

03208-Advanced organic chemistry 6ed 2007 - March

03209-Advanced organic chemistry Reaction mechanisms 2002 - Bruckner

03210-Advanced organic reactions 2000 - Warren

03211-Advanced organic synthesis 1971 - Monson

03212-Advanced Perl Programming - O'Reilly 1999

03213-Advanced polymer processing operations 1998 - Cheremisinoff

03214-Advanced Quantum Mechacnics_muya

03215-Advanced Selling for DUMmIES

03216-Advanced Thermodynamics for Engineers (1997) Winterbone, D E

03217-Advanced Topics in Computational Number Theory, Henri Cohen

03218-Advanced Topics in the Arithmetic of Elliptic Curves, Joseph H Silverman

03219-Advanced Calculus With Applications In Statistics Khuri

03220-Advanced Cellular Network Planning And Optimisation Jan 2007 Bbl Advanced Cellular Networ

03221-Advanced Thermodynamics For Engineers (1996) Lib; Bm Ocr 6 0-2 5 Shareconnector

03222-Advanced Visual Basic 6 Techniques

03223-Advanced Wireless Networks 4g Technologies Jun 2006







03230-Advanced_Semiconductor_Fundamentals__SE__Robert_F _Pierret


03232-Advancedputer Architecture And Parallel Processing (2005); Ocr 7 0-2 6 Lotb

03233-Advances in Coding Theory and Cryptography

03234-Advances In Electrochemical Science And Engineering Vol 7 - R C Alkire

03235-Advances in Electrochemical Science and Engineering, Volume 8

03236-Advances in forensic applications of MS - Yinon

03237-Advances in Grid Computing

03238-Advances in Knowledge Representation

03239-Advances in lithium-ion batteries 2002 - Schalkwijk & Scrosati

03240-Advances in Nanoengineering Electronics, Materials and Assembly, 2007, p 328

03241-Advances in Nuclear Physics v 23 - Negele J W , Vogt E (1)

03242-Advances in Object Recognition Systems

03243-Advances in Petri Net Theory and Applications

03244-Advances in Polymer Science, v 153 Biopolymers, PVA Hydrogels, Anionic Polymerisation Nanocompos

03245-Advances in Polymer Science, v 200 Ordered Polymeric Nanostructures at Surfaces, 2006, p 277

03246-Advances in Polymer Science, v 220 Self-Assembled Nanomaterials II Nanotubes, 2008, p 199

03247-Advances In Physics Chemistrymodern Nonlinear Optics Part Ijohn2001 2nd Edbook



03250-Advertising for Dummies



03253-Aethro-kinematics - Steven Rado (1)

03254-Agathe Keller - Expounding the Mathematical Seed_Vol 1

03255-Agathe Keller - Expounding the Mathematical Seed_Vol 2

03256-Agrawal G P Fiber-Optic Communications Systems (3 Ed2002)(T)(561s)

03257-AGU Ref Shelf 1 - Global Earth Physics A Handbook of Physical Constants - T Ahrens (1)

03258-AGU Ref Shelf 2 - Mineral Physics and Crystallography - T Ahrens (1)

03259-AGU Ref Shelf 3 - Rock Physics and Phase Relations - T Ahrens (1)

03260-Aharonian F A - Very High Energy Cosmic Gamma Radiation

03261-Ahmed, T - Reservoir Engineering Handbook 2Ed

03262-Air Conditioning and Refrigeration - (Malestrom)

03263-Air Conditioning Engineering - 5th Edition (Malestrom)




03267-AISI Acero Conformado en Frio

03268-AJAX - The Complete Reference

03269-Ajax for Dummies (2006)

03270-Alan Simpsons Windows Vista Bible (2007) Bbl 0470040300

03271-Albright’s chemical engineering handbook_0824753623

03272-Algebra Abstract 92

03273-Algebra I Basic Notions Of Algebra - Kostrikin A I , Shafarevich I R

03274-Algebra II for DUMmIES

03275-Algebra Lineal 6ta Edicion Stanley Grossman

03276-Algebra Lineal-Basica (Ed Sanz y Torres)

03277-Algebra Linear e Equacoes Diferenciais - Luis Augusto da Costa Ladeira (USP)

03278-Algebra Sucsess In 20 Minutes a Day - LearningExpress

03279-Algebra, Serge Lang

03280-Algebra, Thomas W Hungerford

03281-Algebra, William A Adkins, Steven H Weintraub


03283-algebra_de_matrices (1)



03286-algebra_lineal (1)





03291-Algebra_Lineal_e_Geometria_Euclidiana (1)

03292-algebra_lineal_y_algunas_aplicaciones (1)

03293-algebra_recreativa (1)


03295-algebra_y_analisis_de_func_elem_archivo1 (1)






03301-Algebraic Functions and Projective Curves, David M Goldschmidt

03302-Algebraic Geometry - Js Mine

03303-Algebraic Geometry, Joe Harris

03304-Algebraic Geometry, Robin Hartshorne

03305-Algebraic Graph Theory, Chris Godsil, Gordon Royle

03306-Algebraic Groups and Class Fields, Jean-Pierre Serre

03307-Algebraic Groups and Discontinuous Subgroups - A Borel, G Mostow

03308-Algebraic groups and Discontinuous subgroups

03309-Algebraic Groups and Number Theory - Platonov & Rapinchuk

03310-Algebraic K-Theory and Its Applications, Jonathan Rosenberg

03311-Algebraic Number Theory - IYANAGA


03313-Algebraic Number Theory, Serge Lang 1

03314-Algebraic Number Theory, Serge Lang

03315-Algebraic Numbers and Fourier Analysis - Salem

03316-Algebraic Singularities, Finite Graphs and D-Brane Theories - Y He (1)

03317-Algebraic Theories, Ernest G Manes

03318-Algebraic Topology - S Lefschetz

03319-Algebraic Topology From A Homotopical Viewpoint - SPringer

03320-Algebraic Topology, William Fulton

03321-Algebraic Topology









03330-Algorithm and Complexity Lctn - Herbert S Wilf

03331-Algorithm Collections for Digital Signal Processing Applications using Matlab - E S Gopi

03332-Algorithm theory - Penttonen,Meineche


03334-Algorithmic introduction to coding theory - M Sudan

03335-Algorithmics - The Spirit of Computing 3e By David Harel with Yishai Feldman

03336-Algorithms - R Sedgewick

03337-Algorithms - Robert Sedgewick (1)


03339-Algorithms 4e By Robert Sedgewick and Kevin Wayne

03340-Algorithms and Complexity - wilf

03341-Algorithms and Data Structures - Niklaus Wirth

03342-Algorithms and Data Structures for External Memory Vit IO Book

03343-Algorithms and Data Structures in CPlusPlus - Alan Parker

03344-Algorithms and Data Structures

03345-Algorithms in C

03346-Algorithms For Communications Systems And Their Applications


03348-Algrebra lineal (Stephen Friedberg)


03350-Allen Hatcher - Vector Bundles and K-Theory

03351-Allen, David A - Infrared_the New Astronomy

03352-Allison, Mark - Star Clusters and How to Observe Them

03353-Allocating Manufacturing Capacity by Solving a Dynamic Stochastic Multi-Knapsack Problem

03354-Alon N Spencer J H The Probabilistic Method In Combinatorics (2ed2000)

03355-Aluminium Design And Construction - John Dwight - Ed Cnc Press (1)

03356-American Cars 1946-1959

03357-American Cars 1960-1972


03359-An Algebraic Introduction to Mathematical Logic, Donald W Barnes, John M Mack

03360-An Approximation Algorithm for the Hamiltonian Walk Problem on Maximal Planar Graphs

03361-An Approximation Algorithm for The Maximum Independent Set Problem on Planar Graphs

03362-An Architectural Approach Towards the Future Internet of Things

03363-An Effective Heuristic Algorithm for the Traveling-Salesman Problem

03364-An Effective Implementation of the Lin-Kernighan Traveling Salesman Heuristic

03365-An Efficient Algorithm for Finding MultiCommodity Flows in Planar Networks

03366-An Elementary Introduction to Groups and Representations - B Hall

03367-An Introduction to Algebraic Topology, Joseph J Rotman

03368-An Introduction to Analysis, Arlen Brown, Carl Pearcy

03369-An introduction to analytical atomic spectrometry 1998 - Ebdon, Evans, Fisher & Hill

03370-An Introduction to Banach Space Theory, Robert E Megginson

03371-An Introduction To Black Holes Information And The String Theory - Susskind, Lindesay (1)

03372-An introduction to chemical engineering kinetics & reactor design 1977 - Hill

03373-An Introduction to Complex Analysis for Engineers - M Adler

03374-An Introduction to Computational Biochemistry - C Tsai

03375-An Introduction to Computational Biochemistry - Tsai

03376-An introduction to computational biochemistry 2002 - Tsai

03377-An Introduction to Computational Physics, Second Edition - Tao Pang

03378-An Introduction to Conformal Field Theory [jnl article] - M Gaberdiel

03379-An Introduction to Convex Polytopes, Arne Brondsted

03380-An Introduction to cosmology, 3rd Ed - Roos

03381-An Introduction to Database Systems 8e By C J Date

03382-An Introduction to Database Systems 8Ed - C J Date - Solutions Manual

03383-An Introduction to Differential Geometry with Applications to Elasticity - Ciarlet (1)

03384-An Introduction to disk Drive Modelling Ruemmler94

03385-An Introduction to Formal Language Theory that Integrates Experimentation and Proof - Allen Stoughton

03386-An Introduction To Functional Analysis - Vitali Milman

03387-An Introduction to Knot Theory, W B Raymond Lickorish

03388-An Introduction to Mathematical Cosmology 2nd ed - J Islam (1)

03389-An Introduction To Modern Cosmology 2d ed - Liddle (1)

03390-An Introduction to MultiGrid Methods - P Wesseling

03391-An Introduction to Neural Networks

03392-An Introduction to nuclear physics - Greenwood, Cottingham (1)

03393-An Introduction to Numerical Analysis for Electrical and Computer Engineers - Wiley

03394-An Introduction to Probability Theory and its Applications Vol I - Feller W

03395-An Introduction to Programming and Numerical Methods in MATLAB - S R Otto & J P Denier

03396-An Introduction to Quantum Field Theory - Peskin and Schroeder (1)

03397-An Introduction To Recursive Function Theory -Nigel Cutland

03398-An Introduction to Riemann-Finsler Geometry, D Bao, S -S Chern, Z Shen

03399-An Introduction to Space Weather

03400-An Introduction to the Science of Cosmology - D Raine, E Thomas (1)

03401-An Introduction to the Theory of Computation - Eitan Gurari

03402-An Introduction to the Theory of Groups, Joseph J Rotman


03404-An Invitation to Astrophysics - T Padmanabhan (World, 2006) WW

03405-An Invitation to C_-Algebras, William Arveson

03406-An Optimal Algorithm for Left-to-Right Signed-Binary Representation of Four Integers

03407-An Optimal Algorithm for Mutual Exclusion in Computer Networks

03408-An Optimal Algorithm for On-line Bipartite Matching

03409-An Optimal Algorithm for Selection in a Min-Heap

03410-An Introduction To Materials Engineering And Science (2004)

03411-An Introduction To Modern Cosmology 2nd Ed 2003 (By Laxxuss) [Sharethefiles Com]

03412-An Introduction To Multiagent Systems [Wooldridge Scan Ocr] 2002 ! (By Laxxuss)

03413-An Introduction To Numerical Analysis For Electrical And Computer Engineers (Zarowsky C J2004)(605s)Mn

03414-An Introduction To Optimization Tlf

03415-An Introduction To Parametric Digital Filters And Oscillators Lib

03416-An Introduction To Surface Analysis By Xps And Aes 2003 Lib







03423-An_Introduction_to_the_Finite_Element_Method_3rdEd_J N Reddy

03424-Analelectrochemistry3ed 2006

03425-Analisis instrumental 2001 - Rubinson & Rubinson

03426-Analisis Matematico Vol 2 Haaser La Salle Sullivan







03433-analisis_multivariado (1)



03436-Analog Circuits_2

03437-Analog Electronics

03438-Analog Integrated Circuit Design

03439-Analog Integrated Circuit Design Johns & Martin





03444-Analysis and Design of Analog Integrated Circuits (Gray Mayer et al 4th ed 200

03445-Analysis and purification methods in combinatorial chemistry - Yan

03446-Analysis and Simulation of Chaotic Systems 2nd ed - F Hoppensteadt

03447-Analysis Complex Lecture Notes 104

03448-Analysis for Applied Mathematics, Ward Cheney

03449-Analysis Functional Lecture Notes Ward 73

03450-Analysis Now, Gert K Pedersen

03451-Analysis,Calculus Difference-eq To Differential-eq 599

03452-Analysis And Design Of Integrated Circuit-Antenna Modules Gupta

03453-Analysis Of Genes And Genomes Isbn 0470843802 491s Yyepg 2004

03454-Analysis Of Survey Data



03457-Analytic Number Theory, Donald J Newman

03458-Analytic Number Theory- Jia & Matsumoto

03459-Analytical atomic spectroscopy with flames and plasmas 2002 - Broekaert

03460-Analytical biochemistry 3ed 1998 - Holme & Peck

03461-Analytical Biochemistry 3rd ed - David Holme, Hazel Peck

03462-Analytical chemistry 3ed 2001

03463-Analytical electrochemistry 2ed - Wang

03464-Analytical GC 2ed - Jennings, Mittlefehldt & Stremple

03465-Analytical mechanics - Hand, Finch (1)

03466-Analytical Electrochemistry (2000) 2ed Tfc Lotb

03467-Analytical Method Validation And Instrument Calibration Ddu

03468-Anany Levitin English

03469-Anatomy & Physiology WorkBook for DUMmIES

03470-Ancient Egyptians For Dummies

03471-Ancient Greeks For Dummies

03472-And Sons Fast Second How Smartpanies Bypass Radical Innovation To Enter And Dominate New Markets Oct 2004

03473-And Sons Jeff Duntemann Assembly Language Step By Step

03474-And Sons The Art Of Intrusion Kevin Mitnick 2005

03475-Ang, Gorenflo, Trong Moment theory and inverse problems in potential theory and heat conduction

03476-Angelo, Joseph A - Space and Astronomy Handbook

03477-Anger Management for DUMmIES

03478-Annual Review of Nano Research, v 1, 2006, p 650

03479-Annual Review of Nano Research, v 2, 2008, p 674

03480-Answering Tough Interview Questions for DUMmIES

03481-Antenna and EM Modeling with MATLAB - Sergey N Makarov

03482-Antenna Theory and Design - Stutzman , thiele (1)

03483-Antenna Theory 2nd Ed Balanis 1996


03485-Anti-Gravity and the World Grid (1)

03486-Anti Patterns

03487-Antiviral Drug Discovery For Emerging Diseases And Bioterrorism Threats (2005) Yyepg Lotb

03488-Antwoorden - Fourier and Laplace Transforms, Manual Solutions

03489-AP Biology for DUMmIES

03490-AP Chemistry For Dummies - P Mikulecky, et al , (Wiley, 2009) WW

03491-AP Chemistry for DUMmIES

03492-AP English Literature & Composition for DUMmIES

03493-Apache Server 2 Bible

03494-Apai, Daniel & Lauretta, Dante S - Protoplanetary Dust_Astrophysical and Cosmochemical Perspectives

03495-Apart Or Die Transforming Your Supply Chain Into An Adaptive Businesswork

03496-Apendices e Respostas

03497-Apostila de Relatividade

03498-Apostol T M Calculus And Linear Algebra Vol 1 2Ed (Wiley)(686S)

03499-Apostol T M Calculus And Linear Algebra Vol 2 (Wiley)(696S)

03500-Apostol, Tom M - Calculus Vol 2

03501-Apostol - Calculus (Vol 1)

03502-Appenzeller, Immo - High Redshift Galaxies_Light from the Early Universe


03504-Application Performance and Hexibility on Exokernel Systems p52-kaashoek

03505-Applications of Abstract Algebra with MAPLE - R Klima, N Sigmon, E Stitzinger

03506-Applications of Lie Groups to Differential Equations, Peter J Olver

03507-Applications of Virtual Reality


03509-Applied Bayesian Modelling - P Congdon

03510-Applied Cryptography and Network Security

03511-Applied Linear Algebra And Matrix Analysis - Thomas S Shores

03512-Applied Mathematical Methods in Theoretical Physics - Masujima M (1)

03513-Applied mathematics for physical chemistry 2ed 1998 - Barrante

03514-Applied mathematics for physical chemistry 3ed 1998 - Barrante

03515-Applied Numerical Methods Using MATLAB (Yang 2005 Wiley) (0471698334)

03516-Applied Numerical Methods Using MATLAB - Yang Cao Chung and Morris

03517-Applied Probability - Lange K

03518-Applied Probability and Stochastic Processes - Bryc

03519-Applied Process Design - Vol 1

03520-Applied Process Design - Vol 2

03521-Applied Process Design - Vol 3

03522-Applied Statistics And Probability For Engineers solution - Montgomery && Runger

03523-Applied Statistics Using SPSS, STATISTICA, MATLAB and R - Joaquim P Marques

03524-Applied Technology and Instrumentation for Process Control_ISBN1591690218

03525-Applied Thermodynamics and engineering Fifth Edition By T D Eastop and A McConkey incomplete

03526-Applied Thermodynamics


03528-Applied Data Mining Statistical Methods For Business And Industry

03529-Applied Linear Regression (2005) 3ed Lotb

03530-Applied Mathematics Olver P J Shakiban C 2004

03531-Applied Statistics And Probability For Engineers Student Solutions Manual 3rd Ed (2003)




03535-Apress - Beginning CSS Web Development From Novice to Professional

03536-APress A Programmer's Introduction to C#

03537-Apress Pro PHP Programming

03538-Apress Web Standards Mastering HTML5 CSS3 and XML Nov 2011

03539-Apress PHP 5 Recipes A Problem Solution Approach 673pp 9-2005

03540-Apress PHP Objects Patterns and Practice 2nd Edition 514pp 12-2007

03541-Apress Practical Web 2 0 Applications with PHP 592pp Dec 2007

03542-Apress Pro PHP Patterns Frameworks Testing and More 375pp 3-2008

03543-Apress Pro Python Jun 2010 eBook-ELOHiM

03544-Aqueous organometallic catalysis 2001 - Ferenc Joo

03545-Aqueous-phase organometallic catalysis 2ed 2004 - Comils & Hermann

03546-Arabic for DUMmIES

03547-Architecture of Network Systems (2011)


03549-Argyle Bob (Ed ) - Observing and Measuring Visual Double Stars

03550-Arithmetic And Logic In Computer Systems (2004) Tlf Bm Ocr 7 0 Lotb

03551-aritmetica elemental

03552-Ariyur K B Krstic M Real-Time Optimization By Extremum-Seeking Control (2003)(Isbn 04714

03553-ARM Assembly Language Programming - Pete Cockerell

03554-Armitage, Philip J - Astrophysics of Planet Formation

03555-Arnold, Kozlov & Neishtadt - Mathematical Aspects of Classical and Celestial Mechanics

03556-Art Of Deception The Controlling The Human Element Of Security [ 2002 0-471-23712-4]

03557-Art Of Error Correcting Coding

03558-Arvind Bhatnagar & William Livingston - Fundamentals of Solar Astronomy (WSP, 2005)

03559-Asesinato-Profesor-de-Matematicas Sierra-i-Fabra

03560-ASHBY, M F (1998) - Engineering Materials VOL 1

03561-ASHBY, M F (1998) - Engineering Materials VOL 2

03562-AsiaNANO 2002 Proceedings of the Asian Symposium on Nanotechnology and Nanoscience 2002, 2003, p

03563-ASIC and FPGA Verification - A Guide To Component Modeling

03564-ASM 01 - Properties and Selection Irons Steels and High Performance Alloys

03565-ASM 02 - Properties and Selection Nonf

03566-ASM 03 - Alloy Phase Diagrams

03567-ASM 04 - Heat Treating

03568-ASM 05 - Surface Engineering

03569-ASM 06 - Welding, Brazing, and Soldering

03570-ASM 07 - Powder Metal Technologies and Applications

03571-ASM 08 - Mechanical Testing and Evaluation

03572-ASM 09 - Metallography And Microstructures 2004 page 1 to 1485 cut partA

03573-ASM 10 - Materials Characterization

03574-ASM 11 - Failure Analysis And Prevention

03575-ASM 12 - Fractography

03576-ASM 13A - Corrosion Fundamentals, Testing, And Protection

03577-ASM 14 - Forming And Forging

03578-ASM 14 Extraction And Leaching

03579-ASM 15 - Casting

03580-ASM 16 - Machining

03581-ASM 17 - Nondestructive Evaluation and Quality Control

03582-ASM 18 - Friction, Lubrication, and Wear Technology

03583-ASM 19 - Fatigue And Fracture

03584-ASM 20 - Materials Selection and Design

03585-ASM 21 - Composites

03586-ASM Metals Handbook Desk Edition 2001

03587-ASM Metals Handbook Volume S1 - Case histories in failure Analysis - Vol 1 & 2

03588-ASM Metals-Heat-Resistant Material

03589-ASP NET 3 5 For Dummies Feb 2008

03590-Asp Dot Net 2 0 Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition Starter Kit (2006) Ddu

03591-ASP NET 2 0 All-In-One Desk Reference for DUMmIES

03592-Assembly Language Step-by-Step - Programming with Linux 3e

03593-Assembly Language, The True Language Of Programmers

03594-Assessing Adolescent And Adult Intelligence (2006) 3ed Yyepg Lotb

03595-Associative Algebras, Richard S Pierce

03596-Asteroids and Dwarf Planets and How to Observe Them (gnv64)

03597-ASTM Distillation

03598-ASTM_Fundamentals_on_Heat_Treatment_of_Steel (1)

03599-Astronomical Optics 2nd ed - D Schroeder (AP, 2000) WW

03600-Astronomy - Principles and Practice 4th ed - A Roy, D Clarke (1)

03601-Astronomy - The Solar System and Beyond (gnv64)

03602-Astronomy Encyclopedia - P Moore (Phillips, 2002) WW

03603-Astrophysics & Cosmology - J Garcia Bellido (1)

03604-Asymmetric organocatalysis - Berkessel & Groger

03605-Asymmetric synthesis with chemical and biological methods 2007 - Enders & Jaeger

03606-Ata Warehouse Etl Toolkit

03607-Athena Coustenis, Athena & Fredric W Taylor - Titan_Exploring an Earthlike World

03608-Atkins - Physical Chemistry 8e

03609-Atkins' Physical Chemistry (2002, 978-0198792857)

03610-atlas de pourbaix

03611-Atlas of the Galilean Satellites (gnv64)

03612-Atlas of the Universe

03613-Atmospheric chemistry and physics

03614-Atom Resolved Surface Reactions Nanocatalysis, 2008, p 240

03615-Atomic Force Microscopy

03616-Audel Automated Machines And Toolmaking (2004) 5ed Yyepg Lotb

03617-Audel Electrical Course For Apprentices And Journeymen Ddu

03618-Audel Hvac Fundamentals Volume 1 Heating Systems (2004) Yyepg Lotb



03621-Auditing And Security As-400 Nt Unix Networks And Disaster Recovery Plans 2001 (By Laxxuss)

03622-Auditing Information Systems Fly

03623-Australia For Dummies

03624-Auto Repair for Dummies - D Sclar (1999) WW

03625-Auto Repair for Dummies

03626-AutoCAD 2005 for Dummies (2004)

03627-AutoCAD 2007 For Dummies - D Byrnes, M Middlebrook (Wiley, 2006) WW

03628-Autocad 2004 Bible (2003); Bm Ocr 6 0 Shareconnector

03629-Autodata - Diagnostic Trouble Codes Fault locations and probable causes - 2004 edition

03630-Automated Hoarding for Mobile Computers p264-kuenning

03631-Automated Nanohandling by Microrobots, 2008, p 362

03632-Automated Web Testing Toolkit Expert Methods For Testing And Managing Web Applications 2001

03633-Automatic Wealth The Six Steps To Financial Independence (2005) Tlf Lotb

03634-Automating Windows with Perl - Miller Freeman 1999

03635-Automation,Production Systems and CIM (Groover)2001

03636-Automorphic Forms on GL(2) - H Jacquet, R Langlands

03637-Automorphic Forms, Representations and L-Functions Part 1 - A Borel, W Casselman

03638-Automorphic Forms, Representations and L-Functions Part 2 - A Borel, W Casselman

03639-Automorphic Forms, Representations, and L-functions

03640-Automotive - The Multibody Systems Approach to Vehicle Dynamics

03641-Automotive Air Conditioning and Climate Control Systems

03642-Automotive Computer Controlled Systems

03643-Automotive Control Systems

03644-Automotive Engine Valve Recession

03645-Automotive Engineering Fundamentals

03646-Automotive Engineering Powertrain, Chassis System and Vehicle Body

03647-Automotive Engineering ~ Team Tolly

03648-Automotive Paints and Coatings

03649-Automotive Plastics & Composites

03650-Automotive spark-ignited direct-injection gasoline engines

03651-Automotive Technology Principles, Diagnosis, and Service

03652-Automotive Production Systems and Standardisation






03658-Avaya CRI cloud Kickstart your transition to Cloud Computing uc4784

03659-AVL Tree

03660-Avoid Operating Problems in ACHE's

03661-Aws Welding Metallurgy

03662-Axiomatic Set Theory, Gaisi Takeuti, Wilson M Zaring

03663-Aziridines and epoxides in organic synthesis 2006 - Yudin

03664-Azolides in organic synthesis & biochemistry - Staab

03665-B-C-N Nanotubes and Related Nanostructures, 2009, p 309

03666-Baby Signing for DUMmIES

03667-Backup And Recovery (1)

03668-Bad Astronomy~Misconceptions & Misuses Revealed [2002]

03669-Baehr,H D Stephan,K Heat and Mass Transfer, 2nd ed (en 705s) 2006

03670-BAI, Y (2001) Pipelines and Risers

03671-BAI, Y (2003) - Marine Structural Design

03672-Bakich, Michael E - 1,001 Celestial Wonders to See Before You Die

03673-Balanced Scorecard Step-By-Step Maximizing Performance And Maintaining Results


03675-Balls 6 Rules For Winning Todays Business Game (2005) Tlf Lotb

03676-Balsiger H rt al (eds ) - Origin and Early Evolution of Comet Nuclei

03677-Banach - Calculo Diferencial E Integral

03678-Banach Algebra Techniques in Operator Theory, Ronald G Douglas

03679-Banach Algebras and Several Complex Variables, John Wermer

03680-Band Wireless Mobile 3g And Beyond

03681-Banjo_For_Dummies 0470127627

03682-Barlow C W C - Elementary Mathematical Astronomy

03683-Barnes, Roy (ed ) - Formation and Evolution of Exoplanets

03684-Barrie W Jones - Discovering the solar system

03685-Barstow, Martin A & Holberg, Jay B - Extreme Ultraviolet Astronomy

03686-Bartending For Dummies

03687-Basic Analysis - K Kuttler

03688-Basic And Applied Thermodynamics

03689-Basic circuits analysis

03690-Basic concepts in biochemistry 2ed - Gilbert

03691-Basic Concepts in Biochemistry Student Survival Guide - H Gilbert

03692-Basic Elements of Real Analysis - M Protter

03693-Basic Engineering Mathematics [by John Bird]

03694-Basic GC 1997 - McNair Miller

03695-Basic Homological Algebra, M Scott Osborne

03696-Basic Math & Pre-Algebra For Dummies

03697-Basic Math Conecpts - E Zakon

03698-Basic Theory of Algebraic Groups and Lie Algebras, Gerhard P Hochschild






03704-Basics of MATLAB and Beyond - Andrew Knight

03705-Basics of Radio Astronomy for the Goldstone-Apple Valley Radio Telescope (1)

03706-Bate, Mueller and White - Fundamentals of Astrodynamics

03707-Batteries and fuel cells (Chemical Reviews, Vol 104, Ns10, 2004)


03709-Battin, Richard H - An Introduction to the Mathematics and Methods of Astrodynamics

03710-Baxevanis A D Ouelette B F F Bioinformatics A Practical Guide To The Analysis Of Genes And Proteins (2ed2001)(489s)

03711-Bayesian Logical Data Analysis for the Physical Sciences with Mathematica Support - P Gregory (1)


03713-Becoming A Strategic Leader Your Role In Your Organizations Enduring Success Tlf

03714-Beech, Martin - Rejuvenating the Sun and Avoiding Other Global Catastrophes


03716-Begiinning Ubuntu Linux

03717-Beginners Guide to SQL Server 2008

03718-Beginning C 5e

03719-Beginning Java EE 5

03720-Beginning Java Programming for Dummies, 2nd (2005)

03721-Beginning JavaScript 4e

03722-Beginning JavaServer Pages

03723-Beginning Perl - Wrox 2000

03724-Beginning Perl for Bioinformatics

03725-Beginning Perl Web Development - From Novice To Professional (2006)

03726-Beginning PHP 5 3

03727-Beginning PHP and MySQL From Novice to Professional

03728-Beginning Programming for Dummies, 3rd (2004)

03729-Beginning Python - From Novice to Professional (2005) - BBL

03730-Beginning Python

03731-Beginning Algorithms (2006) Ling Ocr 7 0 Lotb (Osloskop Net)

03732-Beginning Asp Net 2 0 (2006) Chris Hart John Kauffman David Sussman Chris Ullman

03733-Beginning Database Design (2006) Ddu Ocr 7 0 Lotb

03734-Beginning Infopath 2003 Tlf

03735-Beginning Javaserver Pages (2005)

03736-Beginning Php Apache Mysql Web Development 2004

03737-Beginning Sql Server 2005 Programming (2006) Bbl Lotb

03738-Beginning Visual Basic 2005 (2005) Ling Lotb



03741-Belton Michael J S - Mitigation of hazardous impacts due to asteroids and comets

03742-Belytschko T - Finite Elements for Nonlinear Continua and Structures

03743-Benton, Julius L - Saturn and How to Observe It

03744-Berg, Tymoczko, Stryer - Biochemistry - Fifth Edition

03745-Best Websites For Financial Professionals Business Appraisers And Accountants 2nd Edition

03746-Beutler G Methods of celestial mechanics Vol 1

03747-Beutler G Methods of celestial mechanics Vol 2

03748-Beyond Star Trek (Kruss, Lawrence M )

03749-Beyond wold problem and textbooks

03750-Beyond 401(K)S For Small Business Owners A Practical Guide To Incentive Deferred Compensation And Retirement Plans Isbn047127268

03751-Beyond Governance Creating Corporate Value Through Performance Conformance And Responsibility Isbn 0470011513 339s Tlf 2005

03752-Beyond Sarbanes Oxleypliance Effective Enterprise Risk Management Jun 2005 Tlf

03753-Beyond Technical Analysis How To Develop And Implement A Winning Trading System

03754-Bhattacharya A B , S Joardar, R Bhattacharya - Astronomy and Astrophysics

03755-Bialgebraic Structures - W Kandasamy


03757-Bibliographic Guide to Foundations of Quantum Mechanics - A Cabello (1)

03758-Billing And Collections Best Practices (2005) Tlf Lotb

03759-Binary rare earth oxydes 2004 - Adachi, Imanaka & Kang

03760-Bind9 Administration Reference Manual

03761-Bio Nano Technology

03762-Bio Nmr In Drug Design 2003

03763-Bioanalytical Chemistry - Mikkelsen

03764-Biochemistry - The chemical reactions of living cells 2ed Vol 1-2 - Metzler

03765-Biochemistry 2ed - Garrett & Grisham

03766-Biochemistry 3ed - Mathews

03767-Biochemistry 5ed - Berg, Tymoczko & Stryer

03768-Biochemistry 5th ed - Jeremy M Berg, John L Tymoczko, Lubert Stryer

03769-Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Parasites - Marr

03770-Biochemistry Demystified - Walker

03771-Biochemistry for Dummies - Moore

03772-Biochemistry for DUMmIES

03773-Biochemistry of Lipids, Lipoproteins and Membranes 4th ed - D Vance, J Vance (Elsevier, 2002) W

03774-Biochemistry of Lipids, Lipoproteins and Membranes, 4th edition - E Vance, J E Vance

03775-Biochemistry of Signal Transduction and Regulation - G Krauss

03776-Biochemistry Of Signal Transduction And Regulation - Krauss

03777-Biochemistry Of Signal Trasduction And Regulation-Gerhard Krauss 2001

03778-Biodiesel from Algae

03779-Bioenergetics - Nicholls

03780-Bioinformatics and drug discovery 2006 - Larson

03781-Bioinformatics Biocomputing and Perl - Wiley 2004

03782-Bioinformatics for Dummies 2nd Edition eBook-Spy

03783-Bioinformatics For Geneticists (2003) Lib

03784-Bioinorganic Chemistry - Bertini

03785-Biology, 6Ed -Raven (2002)

03786-Biomacromolecules Intro to Structure Function - C Tsai


03788-Biomechanical Basis of Human Movement - Hamill

03789-Biomechanics at Micro- and Nanoscale Levels, v I, 2005, p 176

03790-Biomechanics at Micro- and Nanoscale Levels, v II, 2006, p 178

03791-Biomechanics at Micro- and Nanoscale Levels, v III, 2007, p 182

03792-Biomechanics at Micro- and Nanoscale Levels, v IV, 2007, p 181

03793-Biomedical applications of polyurethanes 2001 - Vermette

03794-Biomedical Nanostructures, 2007, p 541

03795-Biomedical Nanotechnology, 2005, p 214

03796-Biomedical polymers and polymer therapeutics 2002 - Chiellini

03797-BioMEMS and Biomedical Nanotechnology, v II Micro-, NanoTechnology for Genomics and Proteomics, 2006, p 554

03798-Biometrics for DUMmIES

03799-Biomimetic Nanoceramics in Clinical Use From Materials to Applications, 2008, p 185

03800-Bionanodesign Following Nature’s Touch, 2009, p 248

03801-BioNanoFluidic MEMS, 2008, p 299

03802-Bionanotechnology Global Prospects, 2009, p 376

03803-Bionanotechnology Lessons from Nature, 2004, p 346

03804-Bionanotechnology Proteins to Nanodevices, 2006, p 301

03805-Bioorganic Chemistry of Biological Signal Transduction - H Waldmann

03806-Biopharmaceuticals Biochemistry And Biotechnology (Walsh2e 2003)

03807-Biophysical Chemistry - (Malestrom)

03808-Bioreaction Engineering Principles 2nd ed - J Nielsen, et al , (Kluwer, 2003) WW

03809-Biosensing Using Nanomaterials, 2009, p 505

03810-Biosignal and Biomedical Image Processing MATLAB based Applications - John L Semmlow

03811-Biosilica in Evolution, Morphogenesis, and Nanobiotechnology, 2009, p 421

03812-Biosynthesis - Aromatic Polyketides, Isoprenoids, Alkaloids - F Leeper, J Vederas (Springer, 20

03813-Biotech Industry A Global Economic And Financing Overview (2004) Yyepg Ocr 7 0 Lotb


03815-Bird - Solutions to the class 1 and 2 problems in transport phenomena - 1960

03816-BIRD, J (2003) - Engineering Mathematics (4th ed )

03817-Bird, Stewart, Lightfoot - Fenomenos de Transporte

03818-Bit Torrent For Dummies

03819-Biz Investing Do It Yourself Advertising And Promotion

03820-Black Holes - Don Nardo (1)

03821-Black Holes In Supergravity And String Theory

03822-Black Holes Wormholes and Time Machines - Jim Al-Khalili (1)

03823-BlackBerry for Dummies (2006)

03824-BlackBerry for DUMmIES 2nd

03825-BlackBerry Pearl For Dummies Feb 2007 eBook-LinG

03826-Blacksmith - Castings - The New Metallurgy Of Cast Metals 2Nd Ed (2003)

03827-Blacksmith - Metallurgy Fundamentals


03829-Block copolymers 2003 - Hadjichristidis et all

03830-Blocking Spam and Spyware for Dummies (2005)_noPW

03831-Blogging for DUMmIES

03832-Blondel & Mason (eds ) - Solar System Update

03833-Bloomer - Practical Fluid Mechanics For Engineering Applications

03834-Blueprints For High Availability Second Edition

03835-Blues Guitar For Dummies Dec 2006 eBook-LinG

03836-Blunck, Jürgen - Solar System Moons_Discovery and Mythology

03837-BM z-Architecutre Principles Of operation

03838-Bode, Michael F & Aneurin Evans (eds ) - Classical Novae, 2nd Ed

03839-Body Language For Dummies 80470512913

03840-Boer, K S de & W Seggewiss - Stars and Stellar Evolution


03842-Bond Investing for DUMmIES

03843-Bonet, Wood - Nonlinear Continuum Mechanics For Finite Element Analysis

03844-Bonnard, Faubourg &Trélat - Mécanique céleste et contrôle des véhicules spatiaux


03846-Booker J D - Designing Capable and Reliable Products

03847-Bookkeeping for DUMmIES

03848-Bookkeeping Workbook For Dummies - L Epstein (Wiley, 2007) WW

03849-Borgia, Michael P - Human Vision and The Night Sky, Springer 2006

03850-Borgnakke_Sonntag Fundamentals of Thermodynamics 6th Edition ~ Team Tolly




03854-Boronic acids - Preparation and applications in organic synthesis and medicine 2005 - Hall

03855-Bose-Einstein condensation in dilute gases - Pethick C J , Smith H (1)

03856-Boss, Alan - The Crowded Universe_The Search for Living Planets

03857-Boyd, Richard N - Stardust Supernovae and the Molecules of Life

03858-Boyle, Alan - Case for Pluto

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